Now that every major console is connected directly to an online marketplace much like the app store on mobile devices, there has been a surge of fast-paced platform games with an emphasis on design.

Abyss is just that, and it’s played with only two controls, shoot and, for your own sake, run. Navigate through treacherous faults in the ocean floor, eerily open seascapes, and the feeding grounds of creatures only before seen in nightmares.

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Play as a marine biologist who insists upon being called Dr. Captain. He's going to great lengths for his research, and while he has excellent style, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Find unique artifacts to increase funding for your research. Buy new ships and guns with their own unique abilities. Different levels often call for different load-outs. You'll need to stay ahead if you want to survive.

Level progression is designated by colors on your depth gauge. Your goal is to reach true dark. Who knows what lies in the darkest parts of the ocean.

As you descend, the colors silhouetting you and your obstacles will change.

Abyss’s simple two-control mechanics make it compatible with iOS and Android touch devices as well as consoles

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Brian Blackwell


Graphic Design